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Tenants will be insured by one of the largest insurance businesses in the United States that provides exceptional insurance solutions in a dynamic world. The insurer provides specialized insurance protection insuring businesses and individuals. Our carrier has an AM Best rating of A (Excellent) XV (over $2 billion or greater).

To Call

Our staff are licensed Insurance experts ready to answer any questions or concerns you would like to discuss. We have licensed insurance agents to answer customer questions. Just Call (800) 894-9091 or (630) 571-6174 and ask for Peter Rutkowski. If you are on the East Coast, please call our Co- Broker, Eric Gilbert at (919) 572-1925.

General Revenue

Call Eric at (919) 645-1582 to find out more details about these opportunities


Our program provides flexibility in produce pricing that exceeds current industry standards. Our system is easily adaptable to your current management system, where you track your tenant's rent and payments.


Claims services are essential. We know that a claim never occurs on a predictable schedule, or our team of claim experts is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of a claim, losses are reported by the tenant through the National Claims Reporting Line at (800) 628-0250, then press 2 to reach the Customer Care Team. A representative will take the loss report and assign an adjuster. Losses can also be faxed to (800) 399-4734.

We were created on the premise of one thing, solutions

In 2001, a loss prevention representative realized that the self-storage was an emerging market within the real estate industry. In an attempt to provide service, it was quickly realized that the majority of the industry was focused on risk management without industry experts providing guidance. Identifying this need our focus became obvious:Provide risk management services for our clients who insure their property and casualty with us.

In recent years we have seen another emerging market:Tenants or Contents Insurance. After a devastating hurricane rocked some of our clients, we felt the need to broaden our product offering to include coverage for the property of tenants within self-storage facilities,hence the program was born. Since the inception, we have provided broaden coverage that even includes Named Storm Coverage,including rising water as a result of a named storm, plus many more enhancments.

We are committed in providing meaningful insurance products that we would want our own family to purchase.